Tinted Plano 1.50/1.56

About The Product

Plano Tinted lenses offer a variety of colors and shades.
You can choose light blue or any color under the rainbow.
Some lenses are clear at the bottom and gradually get more colored towards the top of the lenses.
There are many ways to adjust your lenses to whatever style suits your personality.
Some tints are also functional.

We offer various colors included solid color, gradient color, double color for all the sharp of sunglass.
Also we do the color according to the customer’s samples sunglasses.

Tint Categories:

Clear lenses
Transparent lenses are available with FREE UV protection, scratch resistance and anti-reflection treatment.

Tints & Graduated
Tints are available in various absorption’s.
Lighter, fashion tints can be used for cosmetic purposes to enhance your look.
Darker tints can be used for sunglasses. Ultra Violet (UV) protection is included.
Medium and dark tints are not suitable for driving at night.

Specification & Technical information

  • Diameters: 71mm, 73mm, 75mm
  • Central Thickness: 1.8mm, 2.2mm (2.4mm, 2.6mm, 2.8mm, 3.0mm also available)
  • Base Curve: 400, 600, 800
  • Color Type: Single, Double, Gradient
  • 400 UV protection
  • Lightweight plastic lens
  • Possible to add different coatings (HMC, Mirror etc.)
  • A wide selection of fashioned colors


Coating Available:

Our Certifications:


This lens has been manufactured in accordance with FDA impact-Resistant regulation NO.E 199945. Note: “Impact-resistance” Lenses are neither shatterproof nor unbreakable – ISO9001 MDD-Authorized Representative in Europe: MEDES Limited-Shenley Radlett, Herts WD777AR London-England TelFax: +44-1923-859810