High Index 1.74 MR-174 Spheric/Aspheric

About The Product

This lens is the thinnest of the hard resin material and has all of the advantages of the 1.67. It is also an amazing 50% slimmer than a standard CR39 plastic lens. If you want your lenses light and thin this should be your first choice. ST Hammer series are thinner and lighter!

This is one of the thinnest and flattest lenses in its power range and it also has the highest index among lenses currently manufactured in the Optical Industry. The smooth curve over the entire surface of the lens creates a more aesthetically pleasing effect; it makes the wearer’s eyes look more natural.

Our 1.74 MR-7 comes in HC, HCT, HMC (AR) , Super Hydrophobic (Super AR) & Primer coating.

What is MR Lenses? (MR-8, MR-7, MR-10, MR-174)
Excellent optical materials with high refractive index, high Abbe number, low specific gravity and high impact resistance are provided by polymerizing monomers of MR™ Series. MR™ Series is especially suitable for ophthalmic lenses and is known as the first thiourethane based high index lens material.
MR™ Series offers a variety of products to provide the best solution for optical lens users.

Specification & Technical information

  • Refractive Index: 1.74
  • Material: MR-174 (Mitsui Resin) Japan
  • Design: Aspherical
  • Abbe Value: 32
  • Gravity: 1.47
  • Diameter: +70mm/-70mm/-75mm
  • UV: 400
  • Available Certification: CE, FDA, ISO 9001


  • The highest refractive index available for eyeglass lenses
  • Ultra-Thin and Lightweight
  • 50% Thinner and 50% lighter than CR39 Plastic
  • Aspheric Design for Flatter Lenses
  • 100% UV Protection at 400nm
  • More clear and distinctive vision


  • UV400
  • Water resistence
  • Scratch resistance


Coating Available:

  • Hard Coated
  • Hard Multi Coated
  • Primer Coating
  • Super Hydrophobic

Our Certifications:


This lens has been manufactured in accordance with FDA impact-Resistant regulation NO.E 199945. Note: “Impact-resistance” Lenses are neither shatterproof nor unbreakable – ISO9001 MDD-Authorized Representative in Europe: MEDES Limited-Shenley Radlett, Herts WD777AR London-England TelFax: +44-1923-859810